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We are located on the at 115 Polk Road 55, approximately 2.5 miles from the trails at Wolf Pen Gap (enter on trail 3).
Currently we have 2021 Kawasaki Teryx4 side-by-side vehicles that can seat 4 adults and are powered by an 800 cc engine. That's plenty of room and power to explore all of the trails in the area.
There is a printed map that is available for the Wolf Pen Gap Trails that is distributed by the Ouachita ATV Club. It can be purchased online at their site,  ouachitaatvclub.com or we recommend you download the Maprika or GPS Ski Map application for your phone. search for the following two maps, Wolf Pen Gap Trail Complex / Wolf Pen Mena. There are various maps for Wolf Pen Gap to choose from and you may find a more current one to download. This app on your phone can trace you on the map when GPS units lose the signal. We highly recommend this app. Of course, some of the fun is getting lost for a while...   
There are bathrooms on the trail systems at the Trailheads. There are trash cans available at various trail intersections throughtout the complex. Please use them, we need to keep the forest clean for all of us. So please pack in what you need and dispose of properly or pack it out with you. There are no gas stations on the trails so make sure you start your day with a full tank. Fortunately the side by side vehicles can go all day long on a tank of gas.
For most of the time you are down in the trees and cell phone coverage is spotty at best. However, in most cases you can get to a high point and get coverage. However, the Maprika app seems to track your position all the time on your phone even though you may not be able to make a call at that time.
We hope you never get hurt. There are no emergency services on the trails, but there are a couple of helipads in the complex if serious injury occurs. It would be a good idea to carry first aid supplies with you (we have first aid kits in our rentals) for any minor scrapes and bruises that may occur. All of the riders that use the trails look out for each other and are always willing to help. Hopefully you will only be sore from all the smiling you did all day long enjoying the trails!